Freudally: ideas that continue to creep up or float around in your thoughts; the action of over-analyzing thoughts or stewing on particular ideas.  The origin of these thoughts stem from your inner subconscious, as such, they cannot always be relied upon as accurate.  These types of persistent ideas may be false, manipulative, and can play tricks on you to protect the ego or id.  (new word, to my knowledge)

Collateral Damage: the bumps and bruises that result in the course of love-making or other romantic endeavors; can apply to bodily, property, or psychological damage, to name a few.  Unlike the typical use of the word, this type of collateral damage is usually viewed with a warm smile and a fun memory. (atypical use, except at my house)

Patriotic: the act of being frugal, thrifty, or cheap.  Stems from the idea that presidents are often the central image on our national currency. Thus, if you save money, you are saving presidents.  And anybody heroic enough to save a president is surely being patriotic, among other things. (atypical use)

Trump: to hide money, access to money, and/or monetary records under the guise of political authority.  Like the typical use of the verb Trump, a person may use deceit, authority, or brute force to prevent others from moving forward accessing funds and records of funds.  Since the act of using a trump inherently saves money, by denying the public access to it, Trump can also be seen as Patriotic. (typical and atypical use of the word, due to context/usage.)

Both the words Trump and Patriotic are regularly used in conjunction with each other by the general public, but may not be fully understood or used properly as defined above

Background on Wordsmith: Ever since watching Kissing Jessica Stein so many years ago [inadvertently dating myself with this reference], I have tried to take notice of when people use words in an atypical format.  In that movie, the word marinade was used in reference to some one’s thoughts sitting and soaking in for a while, rather than food.  All of the words and uses above are original, in so much as I have never heard anyone else use them in the manner defined.  But there is nothing new under the sun, and I doubt I am so clever as to be the only person to use them as such.  I would love to hear your words/uses in the comments below.


Header artwork by, Kyle’s Art, can be found at: @KyleandFriendspt.2

3 thoughts on “Wordsmith

  1. I’m confused…Are these all your words and meanings? I’m assuming so…I hear your sense of humor, as I’m reading out loud laughing my ass.


  2. Yes, everything on the Free The Truth Website and all of the pages is my writing. When I repost other peoples’ work, I will use a special page for people that inspire me. Glad you liked it!


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