Say What?

The words we say and hear have power. They are not just floating around on the internet or dancing in our heads. They take shape and become our hopes, our fears, and our beliefs. But when you listen to the soundtrack of what we’ve been saying, it’s a wonder why anyone out there is buying. Bombarded with celebrity gossip and new lists of things you ought to be doing. All copied and pasted from our favorite search engines. What about my voice and yours. Shh! Hush now. It’s best not to be heard. So we stay quiet, no longer saying the things needed said. But if we’re not talking, isn’t there someone who is. Leaders, politicians, anyone, anywhere? When the future looks back at the scripts we have spoken, what will they learn from words we have written?

When you open your ears, what do you hear? Kim K’s done it again; she’s enlarged her rear…. Another shooting at the school nearby here…. Finally, a miracle pill just in time for the New Year. What? Can’t we find better words than that? Stories of heroes, good will, the uprising of our once failing schools. It’s not all pretty. I’m not saying it is. But we can’t solve our problems discussing the lives of the Kardashians.

Wait, was that a miracle pill you said? Thank God, do you see this fat, look at how my rolls jiggle down like that. Don’t we know words have power? We fill our Facebook and friend’s pages with careless comments, cruel jokes, and unrealistic comparisons. These words are real, even unspoken. Like knives they cut into our tough exoskeletons. Ugh!

Hey you over there, can’t you see me cutting myself? I know our mothers taught us better than this. “Do onto others and if you can’t say something nice” So, why don’t we say anything? I’ve got two ears, I’m listening. Tell me I’m beautiful, just the way God intended.But silence fills the room. Aint no one talking.

Our younger selves tried once, but were met with resistance. Be quiet! Don’t speak, they will only resent us. Children are meant to be seen not heard. We’ve all been there, forced to scream, the need to shout. Can’t anyone hear me? Am I too quiet, a meek little mouse? Why would you speak if every time you opened your mouth, someone stood up and shot you down. *Bang Bang!* Is this why those boys shot their school friends to the ground? So we just sit here in silence and all that you hear is the tippy tapping of our electronics and a faint sigh from the rear.

Surely there is someone who’s speaking for us. Who cares about our rights and is fighting the good fight. But don’t you remember when the banks needed money. They ignored all of us and said her you go honey. Don’t they know from whose pockets they’re taking? They are not listening to us; they only care about what they are making. Speak loudly and proudly they will, but to the highest bidder, your interests for green bills. In North Dakota it wasn’t money trickling down the stream. It was oil in the water, profits of the American Dream.

An election is coming, you don’t say. Microphone feedback and politicians dressed to the hilt. Spreading lies and broken promises, a false platform they’ve built. Some stand tall at the podium with messages of hate and segregation; preach about judging the masses and sending them all packing. He’s too gay and she’s too brown. We should flog them and beat them, through a wet towel they’ll drown. If you have zeal and dare to speak out, he yells “I want to press charges! Have them arrested, there is no right to assemble here!” These are the words they are shouting so loud? While the needs of our loved ones are whispered to deaf crowds.

Words can inspire and words can destroy. Read, spoken, or heard. They have the power to change the world. Do we really care what Miley Cyrus is wearing? Stop letting Hollywood fashion be the scale we use for comparing. People who speak are not trouble makers. Our teacher’s reminded us it’s ok to ask questions. It’s ok to be heard. It’s better than your silence while big money is burned. The things we say have the ability to resonate the truth in others, to change the sounds that echo inside us.  It’s your time to write. We’re listening, you see. To the words you will share about the life you want to lead.

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