Grass Charmer

Picture by Elaine Kelly, author of Free The Truth

You have to pull the grass out just so; and not just any piece of grass. It should be a fairly thick piece that is wider than your thumb, and longer too.  The longest blades of grass should be left to complement the wind as it sings across the prairie; the smaller blades stay to carpet your bare feet.  It takes a little practice, but is well worth the training.

When you find that perfect, green growth, place it between your freshly moistened thumbs and give it a kiss.  With your pursed lips and pointed exhale, the grass will begin to dance between your fingers and trumpet to the swans.  Not a shrill or a screech, but a call to the wild that spring has come.  All around you can see, the birds and bees hear its tune.  The wind rustles up the leaves to dance among the trees. And the grass beneath your feet begins to rear.

That is why it is ok to pick the blades of grass and tickle its tone between your lips; because each blow calls to the ones below, to rise and feel the sun’s warmth glow.  Listen up little one, this lesson may not come easy.  But practice makes perfect and perfect this feeling will always be; when you can sit in the warmth of the prairie and make music with the trees, to charm the grass out of hiding and play amongst the bees.

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