Luck of the Irish?

Riddle me this?

If the Irish are so lucky, then why do we spend so much time searching for leprechauns and four-leaf clovers?  Blarney stones, pious medallions, superstitious rituals easily confused with OCD compulsions, these are not necessities of a lucky folk.

Good luck charm or not, rock farms and dreary days are no match for the true Irishman; so long as they have family and friends to drink with.  Guinness and Whiskey and Rye and stout beer, just some of the flavors we savor to wet joyful cheer.

Laughing causes dry mouth, liquor wets the whistle, and the laughs just spiral down from there creating a blissful, spirited circle. Just Beware of those pesky little fairies; whiskey thieves they are, every last one!

Happy St. Patty’s Day to all my green-blooded brethren!

To the one’s I lost since last St. Patrick’s past: I will be doing shots of Jameson for you before day’s end!


Ball of Kerrymuir Link, Jim Croce

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