Naked Meditation

I have always struggled with meditation. I know it is good for me so I keep practicing and experimenting with different poses to find something that will stick.

Today I decided to meditate in my underwear. I’m tired of looking down at my body and feeling disgusted. My hope is that meditating naked will help me shed some insecurities. Plus, if I can meditate naked and vulnerable, I can meditate anywhere, right?

You know, it was pretty nice. I was able to relax into a deep, meditative state for a full 5 minutes. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, smiling the entire time; especially afterwards.

I probably could have even gone longer than 5 minutes if my boys had not burst into my room to ask a question. “Gross mom, you are not even wearing clothes!” Maybe now they will learn to knock first.


Header photo by Elaine Kelly, author of Free The Truth
Insert picture from unknown, internet clipboard source

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