Weep Willfully

“The body cries the tears the eyes refuse to weep.”

A doctor told me this quote once after a visit for strep throat. He said that past traumatic experiences are the common factor linking several different diseases; like Migraines, IBS, Fibromyalgia, and Depression.

As a Taoist, I believe you create blockages in your physical body when you do not address and deal with events in your life. When you have a bad experience, you assign negative energy to that event. Every time you think about it or are faced with a similar event, you continue to add negativity to the idea. This snow balling monster just builds and builds over time, taking up vital energy you survive on to fuel its own negativity. This black box begins to block other areas of your body from getting proper nutrients and functioning properly.  Not only is it a cancer, I believe we will find that this process can cause cancer.Labyrinth-Junk-Lady

It reminds me of another saying, “Where ever you go, there you are.” All the junk will just come with you until you can make peace and let go. Are you still carrying around old garbage?

As we face these monsters and make peace with the original event, we begin to decrease the size of the blockage and start to heal. When we finally allow our eyes to see and cry from our pain, our bodies will no longer have to compensate to protect us.

It’s ok to just let go and drop it right where you stand; you won’t be littering.  Like the wind and the tides, forces in life will wash and clean up negative energy, recycling it for future use.  May all who read this find peace from pain and float freely in life like the wind through the trees.

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Header picture by Elaine Kelly, author of Free the Truth
Insert picture from Labrynth

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