Lazy Parenting Tip #69

Parenting always starts with the best intentions.  I’m going to limit screen time, spend quality time with my children every day, and cook homemade meals that are delicious and deceptively nutritious.

Except there is just not enough time in the day and way too many shows to stream on Netflix.  Myself, I am the queen of good intentions and a self admitted hypocrite.

Knowing that, I try to foolproof my routine to prevent myself from inadvertently taking the lazy way out and ruining my children.  From my life hack closet to yours, here is:

Lazy Parenting Tip #69
Passwords and parental controls are readily available to assist parents in safeguarding their children from inappropriate content and too much screen time on electronics.

But your bed never felt so good or you are busy doing any number of tasks that have been piling up on your plate.  So, this one time you are going to give in, “Just type in PASSWORD” or “it’s my birthday, May 5th, 1995”  (I wish)

You have just inadvertently exposed your child to the world-wide web, where they can download the Anarchist’s Cookbook or see private photos/videos of their parents conveniently located in the photo file on your desktop.

Fear not, I have the solution.  Make your password something you could never tell your child. “DadisSexy!” KissingB00bies” “MyParentsArePerverts!”  Obviously you could take it in a much different direction like, “ImNotYourDaddy” or “8MoreYrs2Freedom“.  Just as long as you would rather stop what you are doing then dare say it out loud or imagine them typing it in the computer.

ButtSnifferLuv” “MyIdiotChild” “FartedinyourFood” or

The world is your oyster. Get crazy with it, add your own spin.  Then pat yourself on the back for safeguarding your child’s future scholarship opportunities from your inevitable future exhaustion.

I would love to hear your password ideas in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Parenting Tip #69

  1. I read this a while ago, but came back and read it again – very funny piece but also very useful. Fortunately, my cats aren’t going to get on my computer (unless they sit on the keyboard) so I won’t need the tip. Though, my calico figured out how to change the formatting on a document I was working on, using only her butt, so who knows?

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