Artist Insight: Elaine Kelly, Author of Free The Truth

Every time I read a blogger’s post, I like to check out their About page.  It gives me some insight into who they are and helps me connect with their writing.  In the spirit of connecting with the author, I thought I might tell you a little bit about myself.

I’ve been walking through life with my eyes closed & my tongue out.  I think my experiences taste better when I use all my senses.  Besides, the eyes can play tricks on you and it’s best to always get a second opinion.

I love life! I love my life! On a lucid day, I feel like the luckiest woman alive. (Of course, I am a woman and it is my prerogative to change my mind when ever it suits me)

Spiritually, I follow a Taoist path; even though I struggle with my practice of in-action. But I’m trying to change that. (See what I mean)

I am a self imposed hypocrite.  I have always believed in the power of meditation, exercise, and nature’s ability to heal.  Yet, like Alice in Wonderland, “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

Well, time is fleeting and I used up my last excuse yesterday.  It’s time I took care of my temple and started nurturing my talents.

Ever since I was in primary school, my teachers told me I should write.  Possessing the rebellious spirit I have, it was just not an option, with so many people on board.

There were only two careers I didn’t want to explore:
1)Therapy, who wants to listen to people complain about their lives all day.
2)Writing, I didn’t want to sit by myself inside a room when there was so much world to explore.

Everything else seemed fascinating, even the life of a garbage man.  And now look at me, here in the blogosphere, writing (complaining) to everyone about my life.  Go figure.

But it does not have to be all tedious, lonely days of writing. Let’s make it fun and draw inspiration from the things I love most; dancing around the house in my underwear, breathing in the air at the edge of my favorite cliffs, and making cruel jokes at the expense of my children.

I can even take the computer outside and gain inspiration from the neighbors screams as they witness me harness vitamin D for my nether regions.  I have always thought it was more important to worry about what I put in my body than what I adorn it with.

It’s time to start putting my feet where my mouth has been, wait, where my mouth is; oh…you know what I mean. We are (wo)men of actions, not just words. I plan on living as long as I can, and seizing every moment of this life. In order to feel every spine tingling second I have left, I had better start taking care of this temple I stand in; which includes nourishing my mind through the literary process.

And while I’m on this journey, I hope to make some truly incredible friends that I can laugh with as we fall in the mud.

So, what say you? May I please have this dance?

Header picture taken by Elaine Kelly, Author of Free The Truth
All Rights Reserved

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