You Are Not Autism

You are not my sunshine.
You are my star light;
Showing me beauty in the darkness.

You are not normal.
You are Supernormal;
Going beyond the range of normal to a realm of extraordinary.

You are not broken.
You are perfectly imperfect;
There is nothing wrong with you that needs fixing.

You are not Autism.
You are You,
and no one else;
never let society’s need for labels box you into conformity
or toss you away in storage

You are not unloved.
You are love;
it is because of you that I know love.

You are not the words in this note,
Or the words of others;
You are so much more than explanation or definition

You are my Tao,
the magnificent force that moves me,
the life that flows through me,
the wonder of my world.

You are the moon,
You are my son,
You are life.

Never let the ignorance of others blind you from seeing your self.

May your light shine so bright that it pierces the darkness of others, rips down the veils shielding their eyes, and guides the world out of the cave, into beauty and truth.


Today is World Autism Awareness Day.
Celebrate your loved ones on the spectrum and share with the world the incredible awesomeness of everyone that dances on the rainbow!

Autism is commonly described using a list of “undesirable” character traits. Please join me to shed light on the real face of autism and not just the burdens of its uniqueness.

Let’s show the world the beauty, truth, and sublime magnificence their light shines in our lives.

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