So This Is It

Years of running, one broken down door to the next.

One thousand, five thousand,
ten thousand dollars paid to end my life.
Sometimes it was only a quarter ounce,
a dime bag, a line.

My life clearly not worth much,
not to thee, or me, or even police
Used as bait and tossed aside,
with the hook and line still piercing my side.

Do you hear that?  Nothing.  Phew
I can catch my breath.

*Ring Ring*

“You will never go to a place, I do not know.
You will never be, without me.”

The recorded call that sealed my fate.
Attorney’s rejoice, “Isn’t it great!”

8 years of kidnapping, assault, rape, …………….

1 Tee Time
3 Lunches
2 Lawyers make quick deals over brunches.

Slicing and dicing sentences, like their clients
Credit for time served.
That’s what I call a plea bargain.

“Thank you for all your help;
We couldn’t have done it without you!
One more thing we should probably tell you.
No trial means no witness means no witness protection.”

Discovery already disclosed,
detailing witness statements and corroboration,
complete with a treasure map
X marks the spot,
victim location.

Round and round we go,
where we’ll stop,
I know.

Six feet under and all alone.

This crazy game, I refuse to keep playing
Get out of jail free cards,
Kings killing Queens,
Collateral Damage.

I’m more than a statistic,
She is me.

I guess I will just have to kill this self
So the rest of me will get a chance to be.


Follow Free The Truth: Phoenix Falling
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Hear the true life story of what really happens, as it is set free for the first time.

Want to know what it is like on the other side?
I’ll tell you.


Header artwork by, Kyle’s Art, can be found at: @KyleandFriendspt.2

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