Abandon Ashes

Shuffling through a stack of receipts I found a crinkled note,
written on hotel stationery.

It was the messy copy of a note I wrote for my sisters
and left attached to my share, of my father’s ashes.

Having experienced more loss this week, more fathers gone,
it felt serendipitous to find it amongst receipts for gas and food.

Time is fleeting and life is short,
But love is real and the memories last a lifetime.

Things may not always happen for a reason, but sometimes they do;
which is why I would like to share that note with you.

Dear Sisters,

It is not out of disrespect for Dad
(that I leave these ashes),
but out of love and respect for you.

I want you both to be able to symbolically let go of Dad,
and still be able to keep him close.

Don’t worry about me.
The night Dad passed,
his soul flew out into the night sky
to begin a new, exciting adventure.

Some of the Sticky Bits got stuck on a snowflake,
and then landed on my tongue.
There, he will stay with me always.

Your Favorite Sister

For more details about that fateful night, please read Ironic Inspiration

Follow the link to see: Cami Bradley (The Sweeplings and America’s Got Talent), singing “Some Where Over The Rainbow”, at the ceremony honoring my father’s life.

4 thoughts on “Abandon Ashes

    1. Thank you! That means a lot. I thought you had a post on the Japanese rapes/murders in Asia, but I can’t seem to find it. I was glad to see someone else acknowledge it.


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