New Music!

I’m sick, stuck laying in bed today.  So I thought I would add some new music to my player.  Wouldn’t you know it, almost all of my songs are in the wma format, and thus can’t be loaded. UGH!

Inspired by Jay Colby, I thought I could check out some of your music today.

If you have a playlist widget on your page, leave a comment below with a link, and I will come check out your music. While I’m there, I’m sure I will read a post or two.

I love all music, as long as it doesn’t suck.  (My husband might disagree with that, as he thinks I especially like the music that sucks.  But that is only because he thinks they stopped making music after 1970)

Pet Peeve alert:  Do you ever ask someone what kind of music they like and they say, “I love it all.  I am Eclectic!” etc.  Then, they proceed to list off names of groups that are only in one or two genres of music.  Why?  It kills me every time!

But I digress.  What ever your pleasure, leave a link, and I’ll stop by.  I’m looking for some good tunes to listen to, and I really do have an eclectic taste. (Wink, Wink)

Feel free to check out my current playlist in the side menu if you are so inclined.

P.S. If you are a musician and want some free publicity, I am a huge fan of supporting the arts and will gladly link your music to my art. See Music To My Ears for more details.

Please, share with your friends, in the hopes they might have some music to share with me.

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