Weekend Rejects

So, I put myself out on the line…. well the blogosphere really.

I posted my first blog Manifest Truth on the First Friday post to see if I had anything worth reading.

Within minutes, my email was flooded with comments and likes.  This is incredible; what a great way to share with everyone.  But I had to go to work, so I didn’t get a chance to read them.

When I came back to the thread, I saw that my post had been deleted.

Shot Down!

Even though I am a brand new blogger, have never posted on a thread like that, and I posted my first blog, my piece was 10 days too old to be displayed.  Really?  Isn’t the point of this thread, for new bloggers to share their work and get feedback? Rules are rules, I guess.

Oh, but the rejection, it really cuts deep….

Nah, it’s ok, I have never been one to fit perfectly inside the box anyways.

So, “what are you going to do about it?”, I asked myself.

Da Ta! Weekend Rejection Blog.

If you have been deleted, rejected, shot down this week, etc, please share your story with me.  Add a link in the comment section below. I want to read it!

Just because someone else doesn’t see the value in your art, doesn’t mean there aren’t a million other people who want to roll around in your words.

(That last comment might be a little misleading, because there certainly are not a million followers on this site who are going to see your comment.  I’m still a new blogger, after all.)

So please, share your story with me and we can cry and whine and laugh together.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Rejects

  1. We, the new bloggers are seriously looking for people loving our writings. Their likes, comments encourage us a lot to write more. It’s coconuts that your blog was deleted😯…
    But keep writing, give the people awesome blogs, too awesome to be deleted❤


  2. Does it count if you posted but now can’t find a link but you didn’t hear anything, no comments, nothing in over 24h? 😃

    Not last week, but a good while back. Was sending out manuscripts. You know how the English are the epitome of the stinging reply? Most places will either ignore or say, “no thanks.” This one had to go one better. Something along this lines of, “we only accept top quality material. And we did not feel this was it.” Ouch. But still funny.

    I think my new goal will be to amass those.

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  3. That is a good line. One day you will be able to return the favor and say, “Sorry, I only post with top quality publishers.” Thank you for sharing!


  4. I recently posted a piece on the 10th anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting and shared it with Longreads to see if they would feature the piece, and they have ignored me… oh well…

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  5. Well, I read that piece and quite enjoyed it. I actually thought about your post a couple of times yesterday on a long road trip. You are probably better off, long reads can be a little long winded. 🙂 Thank you!


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