Walking Strong!

I remember this girl; Fearless, Powerful, Strong. The girl from my youth that I always wished I could tap into. The me before I knew pain and sorrow. The me before I was knocked down and made to lower my head before others.

She is no longer a distant memory. But don’t be mistaken. I did not find the magic door to walk through and be the person I used to be. Why would I want to?

I am stronger than her! I know what it is like to be knocked down, and get back up; and be knocked down again. More so, I know what it is like to feel absolute desperation and hopelessness in the face of my future. And I know what it is like to look back and see that I conquered what I truly believed in my heart was unobtainable.

I walk; remembering to engage my core muscles, aligning my body for optimal effectiveness. As I walk, I stand tall and proud with my chin up and my spirit soaring. Some days I may feel weak or ugly. But not today! Today I walk strong; my light shines brilliantly; each step empowering the universe and those around me.


3 thoughts on “Walking Strong!

  1. I spent a number of months using a walker, and canes before that. Walking is such a blessing. Your post reminds me just how powerful a walk can be for rejuvenation of the soul. Nice post!

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