It’s A $ign

I have discovered a new love for highlighter, invoice art. 

Today’s design: a money tree around the credit line.

Then, I got my Brezsny Scope for the week from  Free Will Astrology  . 

 ARIES (March 21-April 19): After George Washington was elected as the
first President of the United States, he had to move from his home in
Virginia to New York City, which at the time was the center of the
American government. But there was a problem: He didn’t have enough
cash on hand to pay for his long-distance relocation, so he was forced to
scrape up a loan. Fortunately, he was resourceful and persistent in doing
so. The money arrived in time for him to attend his own inauguration. I
urge you to be like Washington in the coming weeks, Aries. Do whatever’s
necessary to get the funds you need to finance your life’s next chapter.

Money seems to be a reoccurring theme for me today.  Maybe it’s a sign I’m about to see some good luck in the green department. (Which I could use after signing my life away to the tax man yesterday)

More than likely though, it’s just a reminder to laugh at the oh so painful truth. I might be broke, but I’m not broken. 

Without further ado, please enjoy one of my proudest comedy satires, American History $atire (7mins well spent); which seems all too appropriate on this most Taxing of Tax Days.


Free The Truth

It was a very dark time. The housing bubble had just popped. Ragged bankers were crowding the streets with signs forecasting the end of days.

The general public thought long and hard; recalling the compassion and reciprocity lenders had shown them in tough times. Out of the darkness a beautiful thing happened. The American people, despite all their differences, stood united and shouted, “Oh Hell No! You made your bed banker boy.”

As fate would have it, another miracle happened. Republicans and Democrats came together and decided that only they knew enough about the economy to say what was best. They sent those bankers bailing with cushy tax dollar bonuses to pad their fall.

Maybe they had a point. Until recently, I only knew 2 things about money. One, that it’s both the most desired thing on the planet and the dirtiest. Second, it takes me two weeks of hard work to…

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3 thoughts on “It’s A $ign

  1. Brezsny Scopes at vary greatly every week and are incredible! Cancer horoscope for the week beginning 4/20/17 is
    CANCER (June 21-July 22): A reader named Kris X sent me a rebuke.
    “You’re not a guru or a shaman,” he sneered. “Your horoscopes are too
    filled with the slippery stench of poetry to be useful for spiritual seekers.”
    Here’s my response: “Thank you, sir! I don’t consider myself a guru or
    shaman, either. It’s not my mission to be an all-knowing authority who
    hands down foolproof advice. Rather, I’m an apprentice to the Muse of
    Curiosity. I like to wrestle with useful, beautiful paradoxes. My goal is to
    be a joyful rebel stirring up benevolent trouble, to be a cheerleader for
    the creative imagination.” So now I ask you, my fellow Cancerian: How do
    you avoid getting trapped in molds that people pressure you to fit inside?
    Are you skilled at being yourself even if that’s different from what’s
    expected of you? What are the soulful roles you choose to embody
    despite the fact that almost no one understands them? Now is a good
    time to meditate on these matters.

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