The Nail in the Coffin

A landmark Supreme Court case, involving the corporation Hobby Lobby, ruled that a corporation can retain the religious beliefs of the individuals therein.  As a result of this decision, Hobby Lobby was granted the ability to deny female employees access to birth control under their insurance plan; despite the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that employers cover the full range of contraception in their health care plans.

Does this also mean that a Jehovah’s Witness corporation can take life saving blood transfusions out of their insurance coverage?  Or a religion that believes in no medical intervention can deny access to health coverage, otherwise required of all citizens of the US?  The implications and future use of this decision is very scary.

I take great comfort in the thought that if a corporation can have a religion, they can also go to hell.  🙂

#Fry  #Spike

This ditty is in addition to today’s earlier post Fun With Words


Header image by Sinnermantattoo

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