My family

Some days the posts and poems seem all the same.
More positive can do quotes and love struck notes.
Then you get lucky and find a promising start,
like this heartwarming story of a girl and her family.
Thank you for sharing something that enticed me to keep reading.

These nominations never end in trophies, always the bridesmaid….
Your blog was more than nominated, you were awarded.
As it turns out, I’m on the prize committee.
Please enjoy this reblog as a thank you for your kind nomination
and your reward for being One Lovely Blogger

Hidden glitter

Family is comprised of a group of people whom we know since our birth and love more than anything. This is a simple definition of family according to me. But I would like to share about my family to you all which may give a big definition to it:)

I’m a the one and only child of my parents. I’m my daddy’s little monster and my mom’s favourite princess. I know I’m the most precious thing to them, atleast I believed it with my eyes closed until I was 7 years old.

A 7 year old girl usually is very much active. But I always was in love with sleep. Yeah I’m a very lazy girl since my childhood. So, I used to spend my Sunday noons in my dreams. A truth rushed to me like a bullet this time.

One day when I was sleeping but my sleep broke…

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2 thoughts on “My family

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post….this means a lot….and now let’s see how many other people like this post….I’m curious to know if I’ve good fingers to write 💛


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