Looking For An Illustrator

It’s finally here!

Part 5 of the forest fable, Reflections on the Pond, was released this morning. The finale will be posted this evening, along with the full version of the story.

It is all still a little rough but very malleable. I’m just a little too impatient to wait ’til it’s perfect to share with you. Or pretty smart depending on your perception and the eta of perfection.

Right now, my story is most definitely missing one thing! An illustrator.

If you would be interested in illustrating Reflections On The Pond, please email me at freethetruth@nym.hush.com. I’m looking for an artist that would like to collaborate on the story and share in any profits as payment for their art, rather than a pay for picture service.

Anyone interested in submitting art for Reflections is more than welcome, even people who are not interested in illustrating the entire story. I would love to see what your depictions!

I’m interested in pursuing the possibility of publishing this story. (aren’t we all)  In the very least, binding  it into a hard book copy.  If you are a publisher interested in the story, please make yourself known.

If your direct collaboration with this project results in getting the fable published, I would easily point the majority of the rewards in your direction.



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