Black and Blue

Raise your hand if you are as sick of the first 100 days of Trump playing on 24 hour news reel as I am.

( You can still like him, but be tired of staring at his face all day. It’s ok to raise your hand too.)

Ok, now raise your other hand if you’re considered a minority by the government.

And then keep them there til I shoot.

What?! Too Soon?

Funny, not funny. ( You might be shaking your head right now; “No, not funny, b!t@%)

It’s funny because it’s true and you have to laugh at life sometimes so you don’t cry.

But, it’s also not funny, because it’s true.

I’m getting ready to vamp up my Black and Blue Series and I would love to hear from you on the matter.

If you have any posts on the criminal justice system, Black Lives Matter, or any other related topic, please leave me your link in the comments section.

I would love to be able to give a couple shout outs to bloggers still talking about things that still need to be said.

For now, please enjoy the first post of this series, Black and Blue

Free The Truth

The sun was setting behind me; the children getting restless in the back seat from a long drive. Tired of listening to music, I turned the Sirius to the news channels to see what was happening in the world. (When I say world, I mean that loosely, because our news stations too frequently fail to report anything outside our own borders)

Protesters across the nation were marching out against two more shootings; adding to a the long list of lives lost as a result of unnecessary force used against minorities.

As a strong advocate for civil liberties and a long time employee of the criminal justice system, my passion for this particular subject is very high. My little children were very  engaged in the protests; actively conversing about the state of affairs.

We were listening to commentary when the shots started firing. The live reports of police being shot echoed throughout the truck…

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