Double or Nothing


“Alex, what is the amount of cash I have in my pocket?”

“Correct, you won the daily double. You just earned twice your original wager.”

*I should have bet more than the contents of my pocket*


If you bet the contents of your pocket, what would you have just doubled?

(please leave a comment below, I would love to hear the answers to this question)

15 thoughts on “Double or Nothing

  1. Another set of keys! Just what we all need!
    A fun game we play at home: Now Where Does This Key Go Again?
    It was a natural extension to one of our favorite games: Find The Lid For The Tupperware
    Thanks for playing!

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  2. Which is all well and good when you are wearing a dress or slacks with no pockets.
    But why, pray tell, do they sew fake pockets into women’s jeans and slacks.
    As if women want to appear to have functionality, but don’t actually want to have the practicality that comes with pockets.
    And then charge twice as much as the male pant equivalent (even though a lack of pockets has a lower cost and labor)
    “I’m sorry, store clerk, I can not buy these woman’s’ pants today, because even if the job market paid a woman the same amount as a man that is doing the exact same job, I would have no pockets to store the extra money.”

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  3. One of my friends had a serious gambling problem, so he went to a gamblers anonymous meeting where someone picked his pocket and stole his wallet.

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    1. Go somewhere to get cleaned up just to find yourself cleaned out. Isn’t that life. I bet he walked out of there feeling much lighter, like a load had been lifted off.
      Thank you for sharing! Life can be so funny sometimes in retrospect. I’m sure he wasn’t laughing though.


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