6 thoughts on “Planes, Satellites, and Broken Dreams

    1. Boogey men and monsters under the bed are not real.
      Bad men and monsters in your head can be disposed of.
      If there is something in the night sky that scares you,
      get into the light, so you can see it better and find clearer skies.

      Just because there are other things in the dark now, doesn’t mean there are any less stars or dreams up there.

      (daodeqi is such a hypocrite, conflicting posts and comments like this one, never smart enough to follow her own advice. I guess Mathias Sager woke me on the right side of the bed.)

      What are you afraid of?

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      1. Don’t be too harsh to yourself. I think it is obvious that you’ve always been looking for the stars and dreams. But it is work to see it, so fully understandable the process:-). Thanks for having mentioned me:-). Take care!

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