Viva La Verdad

Today is not Mexico’s Independence Day.

Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates the monumental victory of the Mexican Army over French forces, at the Battle of Puebla.  This small win gave the people of Mexico the strength to continue their fight for independence, which wouldn’t come for another 5 long years.

It has always been one of my favorite holidays.

When I was younger, it was an excuse to chug fifths of tequila. With little details, I’m sure you can picture the fateful night when one two many worms quashed that tradition.

Nonetheless, I celebrate faithfully every year; a day for me to remember the little victories.

Don’t forget that every war is won through a series of battles. Celebrate the small victories, embrace the battle, and pay tribute to the journey.

Just watch out for the worms, they are slimy little buggers.

Viva La Verdad!



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