Capital Significance

Every time I write the word facebook, I get a spelling error telling me the F needs to be capitalized.

This bothers me greatly, as I do not feel facebook should have this type of authority and power in our lives. Other websites are not granted this capitalist distinction, with such power over our lexicon and lifestyle.

How has facebook managed to place this type of significance on all auto-correct spelling programs, yet the word god can still be written so small?


7 thoughts on “Capital Significance

  1. How beautifully you free the raw truth! I’m amazed. And that’s so true that facebook needs a capital F while the almighty doesn’t get the capital. Your words just gave me a sudden goosebump! 👌

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  2. Facebook is a Proper Noun, let’s follow the rule and capitalize its first letter. Besides, I think Facebook should be given the honor, it deserves it, for it had revolutionalised the Social World.

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    1. After viewing your page, I am filled with questions and I would love to have some more insight on this comment.
      You see, I am a nonbeliever in God, but respect religion and the significance it has for people.
      Your site has a strong focus on the bible, yet your comment speaks of the significance of facebook and omits any mention of god.

      I don’t know the question that should be asked here. But I am intrigued and feel there is more that can be explored that would definitely give me a better understanding.

      And I do think it is beautiful, that we both spoke of something that may seem counterintuitive to another. Why is a Taoist concerned with the significance placed on God and a pastor concerned with the proper acknowledgement of a corporation?
      Is there anything you could add to this?

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      1. There is a God in heaven. Even Science recently found proof of the existence of God. Try to search this video on Youtube and watch: “Science Has Found Proof of the Existence of God!” Many atheists are now believing that there is God. Do have a nice day. I love you.

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