Time Bandit

I don’t always have time to read your posts. Short quirky posts get unfair priority, while substantial pieces, likely to enlighten me, are saved for some other day.

I looked for a read later button, but I can find no such thing on WordPress. When I try to come back to it later, it is almost always lost in a barrage of posts on my reader list.

There are bloggers out there that seem to have found this magic time machine, liking every post of every follower. I don’t know how they do it, but I refuse to just click the like button on everything in my read list for the sake of views. Not only do you risk the chance of liking some really terrible, hateful piece; you deny all the bloggers who put their time, heart, and sweat the chance to be heard.

As you get to know me, you will learn that I love a good challenge. Problem solving and finding a solution gives me that warm, tingly feeling inside. So, fellow bloggers, here is my solution:

I would like to regularly post this piece as a place for you to share your best! It could be your favorite post of the week or someone else’s that deserves a good read. There is no time limit. You can also share one of your favorites from before you had followers, collecting dust, unread in the corner of your blog.

A place to network, sure, there are plenty out there and they are great. This would be too. But more so, this would be a place to put something your proud of; that other people would be missing out on if they didn’t get a chance to read it.

There are just a few rules:
No follower or like count posts                     No Blog Award Posts                and
No Quotes by someone else, where the only content is that quote

Of course, no rules are set in stone. If your post violates one of these, but is still so amazing that you feel you have to share it, well then, share away.

So please, leave me a link of your BEST pieces. We will create a library of sorts, storing the best and the brightest of the web. Scroll through the list and check out some of the other posts as well; take a gander at what you’ve been missing. Reblogging this might also help spread your Best around the blogosphere.

To get the ball rolling, here is a piece that I am proud of that has been collecting dust in the corner of my blog Say What?

It was a speech I gave shortly before last year’s elections, designed to be read aloud using, alliteration, rhyming, and imagery to make the words pop out. If you can spare 4 minutes of your time, I would love for you to check out one of my favorites.

Say What?

Now it’s your turn to say what you want the world to hear. Please, leave a link below and when you get time, come back and taste the rainbow! We can be time bandits together, stealing back precious minutes and spending them on quality reads.

32 thoughts on “Time Bandit

    1. Soul Stories has beautifully penned letters, which are always a great read.
      One of my favorite things about her writing is her opening lines, she hooks you from the get go. Like this one:
      “‘I have not written in ages’ was the sentence I started with every time I wrote something and nothing would come up after that because it was a lie.”

      Thank you for being the first to share a link!

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    1. There is too much invisible pressure, to put posts out, read/comment, wash the dishes, shave your legs. I’m excited to see if it helps me slow down too; read and write more quality posts.
      Do you have a link you would like to share?

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    1. Thank you for sharing these journeys, through hell, down dark roads, and in the trappings of love. A beautiful glimpse into the journey of life.


  1. https://facetsandgamuts.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/wings/

    Sorry for replying this late(Iam a master at procrastinating 🙈)So here it is finally,of all the poems that I have written,this one is truly close to my heart and like a parent can’t favour one child over the favour,I too had a tough time deciding which one to share,and finally since ‘wings’ holds a special place in my life’s journey,I decided to give this a go:)

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    1. That would be a very cruel thing to do to a blogger, make them pick One favorite of every piece.
      That’s why I am going to repost this time bandit segment every weekend. My thoughts are people might have more time to catch up on some reading during the weekends, so it would be better for your views.
      Plus, you can come leave a link every time; yours, someone else’s, your favorite of the week, a post that is not getting the views you would like, or a sample of your absolute best.

      And your piece definitely deserved to be on here! I was thoroughly impressed. I don’t know anything about poetry, so if your layout might be a style like haiku or tanka? But I haven’t come across it before, and I absolutely loved the way you put your prose. It was fun and beautiful and made me think. And the style forced me to have to keep going back to the coordinating line, reinforcing me memory. Well Done!

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      1. Thank you so much! Really appreciate the feedback,yeah it is an epistolary-a form of poetry written as a letter with certain themes of the repetitive style of litany also incorporated..And this being a weekly feature is such good news:)))

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    1. I really enjoyed this very real look at the effects of living with pain. Today you beat me, but tomorrow is another blog. Be sure to check out her page and be inspired by her strength.

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