Black and Blue: Not Funny

A guy and a girl get ready to go on a blind date, both nervous and worried. The guy is hoping that his date won’t be fat and ugly. The girl is hoping she won’t be raped or killed.

That’s a joke I remember hearing when I was a teenager, laughing and thinking to myself, “How true.”

The other day I thought of one like it that I wanted to share.

A black kid and a white kid go to a gas station, both nervous and worried.  The white kid is afraid his parents will find out he stole money from the coin jar and bought candy. The black kid is afraid a police officer will mistake his candy bar for a gun and shoot him.

Not funny? What? Did you laugh at the first one?

All right, I will try one more that I told the other day.

Raise your hand if you are sick of the first 100 days of Trump playing nonstop.

Now raise your other hand if you’re considered a minority by the government.

O.K, now keep them there til I shoot.

Too soon?

Were you offended?


Because if you’re not offended, you accept it as a real and natural part of life; just like the first joke that has been around for decades. So natural and accepted that people can laugh about the very real fear women have about being raped by their dates.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” That can only happen if we get real and open up the dialogue on this difficult subject.

Please join me in offending as many people as possible, until those people who are not scared to be killed because of the color of their skin are as outraged as those who are.

If you or any blog you have seen is dedicating their space to advocate putting an end to racial discrepancies in the criminal justice system and the negative implications on society, please leave a link so I can include their words and spread this important message.

15 thoughts on “Black and Blue: Not Funny

  1. One step at a time though it’s unfortunate the president doesn’t see it that way. I’m definitely over seeing the whole blue lives matter when a black kid has been shot by a cop. At least he’s alive even if his job is threatened… Sorry for my reply if it offends anyone but it has to be said.

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    1. Don’t be sorry!
      But a quick warning, this Black and Blue series does go on to stress the importance of both lives being in danger and how that is not good for society.
      But first, I want to discuss how we even got to a place where an African American had to stand in the street and scream, “Hey, you can’t just kill us. Our Lives Matter!”
      Thank you for your passionate comment!!

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      1. That’s a good question. My answer to that would be social media. It’s not like it wasn’t going on before. Let’s face it. There are a lot of racists in America. It’s just that now it’s being blown up and scrutinized a lot more closely because the public is making it known.

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        1. Too bad that shedding light hasn’t changed things. I heard a NPR stat the other day that said prosecutions are down from an all time high of 16 to 13, while something like 2000 people are killed by police a year.

          Thank you so much for engaging Nel. Your comments always add value.

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  2. I’m doing my best to wake up as many people as I can. If I weren’t in FB jail at the moment I would be sharing this there! Epic!

    “Please join me in offending as many people as possible, until those people who are not scared to be killed because of the color of their skin are as outraged as those who are.”

    YES!! ^^

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  3. That was truly powerful Xena.
    Here’s another one.

    Two friends, one black and the other white, were sharing their thoughts concerning the rising number of fatal shootings of unarmed black males by white police officers.

    The white friend revealed that sometimes he feared for the life of his black friend. A life he realized could be cut short by a white cop or anyone whose decision and actions were based solely on the color of his skin.

    The black friend revealed that he too shared the same fear. A fear based on the stark realization that the life of not only his friend, but of others he never knew, could be cut short by someone who made a fatal decision based solely on the color of his black friend’s skin.

    Some folks might think that was funny. Others might be offended.

    I just wonder if those others I never knew and I would have one day become friends.

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