A Given

When I saw today’s word prompt I had a negative reaction.

That’s strange, why would anyone have negative thoughts about Hospitality?

I think it’s because we now associate hospitality with something you have to pay for or with family going out of their way to open their home for you.

Going out of their way, having to pay for it….

Hospitality should be a given, an automatic; something we all do with out second thought. Not something we feel so grateful for just because so few people extend it.

Hospitality is the forgotten virtue.

“He is not a follower who lets himself be satisfied while his next-door neighbor goes starving.”¹


There was a technical issue this morning with the word prompt. To get my post connected with the daily site, I had to republish for a different time. At the very least, the following bloggers had pages up that were not included in the word prompt submissions:

Hospitality: Mother’s Day: A Reflection of Mother Earth



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