Manifesting Free The Truth

I was catching up on some reading and I got caught up at Brave and Reckless. It is an absolutely fantastic page, with a variety of things to check out. She has the best advice for new bloggers. On her post, Advice For New WordPress Bloggers – FAQ, she reminded me of the importance to “set a tone and tell the readers a LOT about who I am as a writer and as a person.”

I like her advice so much that I decided to display my first post, Manifest Truth, at the top of my page. I think it does a good job of showcasing what this blog is all about:

* S#!t happens, to everyone. Life is messy and it has very real effects.

*At least life is funny. A consolation prize for all the mess is medicine for the soul.

* It’s essential to face the truth in order to move forward. You can’t solve your problems if you refuse to acknowledge their existence.

* The truth is malleable. In fact, if you hold onto it too tight, it will escape you. No one likes to be a prisoner.

* The amazing miracles, strength, and enlightenment of life are already inside of you, and also in everyone else. Sometimes you need a little inspiration or change in perspective to see that. If that doesn’t work, I have big feet too.

* Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!

Tilting your head to a slightly new angle might be all that is needed to see things anew. “Free The Truth is a refreshing, honest, insightful and inspirational blog dedicated to truth, justice, and love.”  That is a very real review from the author herself, Elaine Kelly.

Please enjoy my first post, Manifest Truth. I think it says a lot about me and the types of posts you can expect to find here at Free The Truth.

Free The Truth

You will not find pictures of me next to my blogs; I don’t even own a cell phone and this is the first social media I have used this decade. (Let that sink in for a bit)

Privacy concerns stemming from escaping domestic violence have prevented me from joining the electronic world we now live in. The ironic thing is that despite all the trauma I have been through, some of the most crippling effects of partner family member abuse have actually come from labeling myself as a victim of it. To start, every time I identified myself as a victim, I become one all over again. I continued my suffering when I held onto those events as being an integral part of my history. People then suggested I look at the Brightside of my misfortunes and acknowledge their role in shaping who I am as a person. I am not…

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    1. Thank you very much! I’m excited to check out the other blogs you nominated. I looked at your list of nominated blogs and thought “what a good way to find amazing blogs to follow.” So thank you for the inspiration and the nomination.

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