He Died

Busy, Busy, like the rabbit running to its regal death.
I have no time, I’m late, I’m late, to my own funeral I’ll say.
No time for posts, no time for jokes,
Off comes my head you’ll soon see if
I keep spinning at this speed.

I jumped through a rabbit hole and ate some questionable bread,
but I’ve brought back to you some of the best from the web.

Please enjoy this lovely blogger, Vivian Zems
While I go on a quest for the elusive time machine.

Smell The Coffee

They cursed and reviled him

But he was dead

They gossiped late into the night
Taking delight at his plight

But he was dead

They gathered and made plans
They handed out bans

But he was dead

His flesh had died
On that fateful night
His spirit was born
Now in new form

So they shuffled like pigs
Dining on news ‘tit -bits’
They kept his name awake
Took anything they could take

But he was dead

The part that was alive
Was all in his head
But they could not reach it
So they gossiped instead

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