She Had Her Mom’s Eyes

“Mam, calm down.”

“I will not calm down! Don’t you care that you are working for heartless monsters!?”

“Mam, I don’t want to have to taze you. Please leave the building peacefully.”

“This is a farce; they can’t just play Russian Roulette with people’s lives and get away with it!”

The security guards lifted her up the same way she used to carry her little girl out of the store; the kicking and screaming almost identical.

The absurdity of her tantrum no more a farce than the egregious allowance of this corporation’s ability to ruin lives in the name of shareholder profit. Could these suits even hear her cries or was she just a dollar sign?


I can’t help but wonder if the biggest farce of all was thinking she could stop a company that had been granted such limitless power, yet so little accountability.

Header art is off the front cover of the album “Rise” by Skillet, 2013

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