Respectfully Submitted

“When the first God created the world, he began shaping the Earth in such a way that every part had the same weight and he made it round”.
Ovid , Metamorphosis

Wait, people knew the world was round before Christopher Columbus?

I remember being so taken back when I read Ovid for the first time. Every line proved to me that people had been enlightened to scientific and mathematical truths, much earlier then we had been taught. His poems beginning in 20 B.C. frequently spoke of knowledge I was led to believe didn’t exist until after The Dark Ages.

Why would a world enlightened to such knowledge turn its back on the truth?

Enter The Dark Ages, The Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades; the timing seemed much more than a coincidence to me. You can’t rule over people who are enlightened to your motives. First you have to destroy everything they know and build it back up in your image. This is precisely what the Cambodian Genocide set out to do; kill all knowledgeable individuals to create a society of ignorance, more willing to return to a feudal state.

In honor of Arabic knowledge and the Moors of Spain, I respectfully submit these new definitions of the word Unmoored.


  1. The intent of a person or persons in power to erase the knowledge and culture of a society to gain more power and influence;
  2. When a culture’s beliefs, traditions, and knowledge are erased and forced to be replaced with the beliefs of another culture;
  3. The destruction of Moorish culture in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition

I can’t help but wonder if all this new technology touted as enlightening the world is not instead, erasing a world of cultures and beliefs, with the intent of replacing them with one global understanding. We should definitely ask ourselves if there is anyone behind the wheel of this campaign, before we find our lives unmoored by their selfish intents.

Header image from:Rococo Revisited

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