Drabble Rabble

I’m so excited! My first submission ever was accepted and posted today at The Drabble.  I was so busy I didn’t even notice it get posted.

It’s a good thing Drabble posts are 100 words or less; who can’t find the time for 100 words? Don’t underestimate their small word count though, these incredible artists manage to incorporate entire stories, climaxes, and so much more with only a handful of words.

If you have a few seconds, I would love it if you stopped by and checked out my piece, Planes, Satellites, and Broken Dreams. It was adapted from a quick sentence I posted a while ago and the new version cannot be found anywhere on my site.

Please click the link, like it if you do, and leave a comment if you feel compelled.



Header picture used from The Drabble


4 thoughts on “Drabble Rabble

  1. Honey I have always had faith in you and your writing. I am so glad that you have this awesome milestone to share with me and our family! I cant wait to see what gets published next. My hat is off to the best writer I know. Love you so much!

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