Rejected Regrets

I sometimes wish that I could take it all back,
Hit rewind and avoid creating another flashback.
All the moves that I made just trying to survive.
For the sake of adding another minute to my life….

Were it not for facing death
Or fear of taking my last breath…..
But then I could have seen my death
And I could have taken my last breath.

I dream sometimes of seeing him again
Imagine taking steps to be on top of him….
How courageous and brave I would be
Not letting him get the best of me

I am not so sure that I could run and hide
Or get in the car and go along for the ride.
I don’t think my heart can handle the drive,
To many scars earned just trying to survive….

I can’t take it back, I won’t commandeer,
All the extra moments I was able to secure…..
But when that day comes and it’s finally here,
I will stand up and face him, of this I am sure…..


Header Art by Kyle’s Art can be found at: @KyleandFriendspt.2

4 thoughts on “Rejected Regrets

    1. Thank you. I have been experiencing with different kinds of writing and just yesterday I was thinking I should maybe not try to write poetry. Your comment gives me encouragement to keep trying.

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