Take It Back!

Montanans are down to earth types; they go into the local court house and chit-chat with the judge, sheriff, and county commissioners. They are not the kind of folks that body slam reporters who ask them about their ties to Russia.

If you voted for Gianforte in the special election ballots, go to your local clerk and recorder and ask to have your ballot back. Tell them you made a mistake. Most counties are not too large and it might not be too hard to flip through an alphabetized stack and pull your ballot back out. But get there soon, because they might begin counting ballots at 8am.

Don’t worry, if you still like him, there will be another chance to vote for him when he cools down. Having just run for Govenor, now as a representative, I’m sure if he loses he will be vying for Jon Tester’s senate seat. Gianaforte obviously needs a time out, which is a proper consequence for acting like a child.

I’m sure you are thinking there is no way they will give you back your ballot. It can’t hurt to ask, right? ….. I’m not so sure the assaulted reporter would agree with that statement.

This evening (5/24/17)I was watching the news, when there was a break in the programming ,to report on the Montana republican candidate Greg Gianforte having body slammed a Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs to the ground and broke his glasses. There was an audio recording where the audience could hear how loud and upset the candidate […]

via Montanan Republican Candidate Gianforte Body Slammed A Guardian Reporter — Gronda Morin

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