I have had a long standing issue with Amazon; mainly their increased shipping problems and their new found disregard for customer service. When once they were the most amazing company, now they are too big to fail, or care.

This morning I looked up the word persevere and found myself surprised at all the synonyms:  like stand your ground, continuing on with little or no prospect of success, stubborn, in the face of adversity, fight, go the distance, stay the course, soldier on, etc. I knew it meant to keep pushing forward no matter what, but I had never associated the word negatively before today.

I know, I know; here I go again talking negatively about a positive term. But you see, life doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s all about your perspective and perception of it. If you feel you have to push through this eternal bog just to get through the day then that is not living, it’s surviving. Sure, at the end of it all you can say you persevered through all the hardships; but you are still looking at your life as a collection of less than perfect things. That’s not the image I want to have on my death bed, a fighter to the end against all of life’s unfair burdens.

So I am choosing to persefail today instead of persevere. I made my first Amazon purchase in over a year to support my fellow bloggers. I justified it because surely supporting other artists takes priority over my stubborn squabble. But hey, sometimes things change and it’s foolish to keep fighting, staying the same course. Sometimes it’s better to know when to course correct and persefail.

Persefail is a new word I’m coining today; meaning the courage and strength it takes to change direction and find a new path for success, in lieu of choosing to persevere on the same one. That doesn’t mean to persevere is bad, it’s not. I just like to work smarter, not harder. Today I persefail.

Support The Arts: Buy Music and Literature!

Items Ordered
Pinch the Lock, Daquin, Candice Louisa
January (Little Fears Presents), Edwards, Peter
Wilder Mind, Mumford & Sons
Untangled: A story of resilience, courage, and triumph, Rose, Alexis
A jar for the jarring, Daquin, Candice Louisa
Bishop Briggs, Bishop Briggs
Coming Home, Leon Bridges

So congratulations Amazon; you won this battle. But I will not feel ashamed or week for my persefailures. I refuse to go cry in a river of despair; I’m going to go dance in my river.

Leon Bridges, River, Coming Home

7 thoughts on “Persefail

    1. “One person’s Amazon is another person’s Walmart” That line alone deserves its own blog. Brilliant.
      For me Walmart would be the Hell, Amazon the limbo, and Trader Joe’s the Heaven; Daodeqi’s Inferno
      🙂 Even funnier when you know that I would have to drive for 16 hours in any direction to find a Trader Joes, which makes it just as unattainable for me as “Heaven”.
      Good thing I think Heaven is life on Earth, and Trader Joe’s Crumpets.
      I completely took your comment off topic, but it was fun.
      Thank you for the lovely words and excellent extension to this conversation!


  1. Oh, God. I’m definitely using your word. Life has to be more than a collection of hardships, for sure. I have a doubt: Wilder Minds is the name of a Mumford & Sons album? I haven’t listened to them since The Wolf, I guess.

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