Gnome Goodbye

We had countless laughs about the Garden Gnomes in the neighbor’s yard. One night we secretly rearranged them and left a case of beer to make it look like they were having a party. For Christmas, we even gifted “How To Survive A Garden Gnome Attack”.  He was the best neighbor ever, despite his questionable taste in lawn decorations.

Then our dearest friend passed away and the trolls stopped coming out to play. It didn’t look the same without them staring at us; the yard and our hearts so empty without him.

I took a quick break from packing up our life and saw a beautiful surprise. The bears playing their fiddle and fishing from their boat, and the Momma and Poppa gnome, with their pointy blue and red hat, holding each other under the wings of an angel. All of them positioned just so, staring back at me on the porch. It’s as if our neighbor, who was so much more than a friend, had come back from the grave to say goodbye to us again.

We will miss you always!

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