A Life Worth Writing About

Posts about writer’s block are abundant. I’m sure one day I will know this feeling, but today I can’t fathom it.

My head is packed full of ideas for writing; evidenced by a life full of random scribblings written on what ever I could find. There is crayon phone book ponderings by the answering machine and return envelope ideas penned in my desk. There is sticky note speeches, novel notebooks, and even temporary tattoos in the corner of my hands.

Coming up with things to talk about is easy when you have lived a life full meaning. It’s finding the time to write it all down that’s difficult, when there is still so much living worth writing about.

9 thoughts on “A Life Worth Writing About

  1. Absolutely! This is the writer’s conundrum, finding the balance between writer’s block and not finding the time to honor your writing. I like how you phrased it, “Writing is a part of living fully” So True!

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  2. This is so true. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of road overflowing with ideas and words and verses. I stop and try to note it all down on my cell phone, which is pretty uncomfortable if the roads are crowded. There’s a feeling when you just need to write. It’s like writing will solve everything; like it is THE life line. However, there are also times when I cannot write at all. The mind becomes so chaotic. Sentences come out broken and words are lost. I think those are the moments when living and breathing comes in handy.

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    1. Indeed but never forget to live (enjoy the moment) and breathe (sustaining yourself to enjoy the moment XD).

      Life can get to us sometimes that we forget to live it as we start to do things monotonously either due to a comfortable routine OR we get too absorbed and into the “rat race of life”.

      Not good. Causes of breakdowns and other burnout issues tend to come from these competitions and the expectations that come with them lol.

      Hence, we all need reminders to just relax and live a little every once in awhile, no? 😉

      Your pal,

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