An Instant

The wind started to howl, the lights began to flicker and the branches started to bow against their trunks.  I’ve been here before, the eerie feeling filling the dusk sky; that moment before cataclysmic change thrusts you, spinning in a new direction.

It’s so easy to take it all for granted; winds always blow, lights frequently flitter, and your branches are made to bend with the gusts so as not to break.  It’s probably nothing, like so many an eerie feeling. This is just one moment, an instant in your life.

Just don’t forget that life’s biggest changes often begin in an instant, yet have the ability to linger for an eternity. Vigilance is essential when trying to prevent catalysts from becoming catastrophic. Recognize the subtle signs and temperature variations, and take nothing for granted, especially not this moment. For in an instant you may find your choices a matter of consequences.

Be Vigilant, Be Safe, and Take Nothing For Granted; in Life and in Weather.

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