Is it because I’m cold?

I’m not outraged or steaming with a passionate fervor.
I am uncharacteristically numb to the rallies and violence that so usually ignites me?

People will call me heartless and complacent.
How does this thorn not prickle every nerve in my body?

It’s not looking good for me; uncaring, not concerned with the death of a young woman.

I am cold. I am numb, and I have been for quite some time now. The news conditions us with cars driving into crowds, hate rallies, innocent youth being murdered. It’s just another day in the USA.

For years I would cry and scream, “Why isn’t everyone upset? Why are they not foaming at the mouth from this injustice and tearing this house down?”

During the election, I had regular pings of shock scorching through my body.  There is no way my America would vote for someone like this?!

Election day cooled my fever to a slow boil. I am no longer shocked at the goings on of this country. If we could elect this person for everything that he stands for, of course he would try to implement everything he promised us.

“Racist! What is wrong with you?!” They will scream.

But I ask back, “Where have you been?!”

Why does this moment outrage you so, when all of the countless deaths for centuries keeps you cool. Is it because this was a young, (innocent) white girl?

Is it because our leader stands for hate, greed, and racism? Our president represents us, shows the world the type of people we are.

“Not me!”, you say.

He won. The majority of America voted for him, to act as a moral compass and be the face of our country. This is what we look like to the rest of the world. This is who we are.

Now you are outraged?!

Like Macklemore says, “people are more concerned with being called racists than they are with racism.”

You can’t hide it now, it’s in your face; the true image of what we have become, what we represent.

You can call me cold; you can call me what ever you want. I just hope that you will call me when you are actually ready to do something about it!

Because I’m not ok with this, but I haven’t been ok for a very long time. Worse, there are those of us who have never been ok; always treated like second class citizens. There are those of us who don’t just get upset when they see injustice, they fear for their lives!

How many white girls have to die before you open your eyes?


*Side Bar*
Free The Truth is dedicated to telling it like it is, even when that picture is not pretty.  It’s important to look harshly at reality from time to time, to even out the sugar coat we cover ourselves in. If you are offended by these harsh, cold words, may you be offended enough to do something about the ugly picture we have painted.

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