I Think Too Much

Guarded and cautious unready to leap, Shadows of patriarchy, hang over me.       It’s easier in the dark, or so I think.

Free bird playing, Free Spirit calling, Winds swirling, riddled, decision making.   My soul knows it’s not as easy as I think.

To know, to do, should be the same thing Life’s complications can muddle the ping. Tornados whirling everything that I think.

Maybe it’s fear,  I’m afraid of something   Or these doubts that are forever creeping.   Deaf, dumb, don’t even know what I think.

Paralyzed, sarcophagize, can’t feel my toes Numbness fighting what my hearts knows Thump, ba dump, drown out what I think.

Thoughts stopped brewing, laid to rest Labotamized, ostrasized, finally dead.         I think I hear Skynyrd in the clouds ahead.



Header photo by Elaine Kelly, author of Free The Truth

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