The Great Cheese In The Sky

The gates open and blind mice begin running. They lurch forward only to discover they are teathered to their owner’s collars. Chew off their feet and eat through their neighbors,  for a chance to play the Master’s game, this rat race we are all playing.  They would burn their eyes for a glance of the same prize.

There is so much more to see than just the finish line, and not everyone’s path is meant to intertwine.  The cheese is great,  but a smorgasbord awaits, for those who are willing to look beyond the gates. The release valve behind you,  a push is all it takes,  to be free from the maze and all that it enslaves. 

Be safe on your journey,  where ever it winds.  While others are burning their eyes, unable to look beyond that great cheese in the sky, don’t forget to look around at the magnificient stars and planets. Happy eclipsing everybody!

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