It was just a walk by, but my side eye caught a glance,
Of my silken silouhette, dancing pirouette, broom in hand.
From this angle, line of sight,
Reflection mirrored in new light.
These curves and these dimples, how they shined and glistened.
Like the floors I’d been sweeping
And the tubs I’d been scrubbing.
Hot damn, I thought, my boobs look great, then back to the kitchen I
Retreated with haste.
Of cleaning, I did none, before I realized what my eyes had spun.
Back to the mirror I went, to analyze, memorialize, this new light in the sun.
They do look great, large and proud, but look too at my face, soft, subtle, beautiful grace.
Curves like rolling hills, cheeks pinched to perfection,
How do I keep missing this view, my mind’s marvelous reinvention, a breath takingly, fresh perception.

Homage I paid, my piercing blues staring at the flame,
no blame or disgust, mabye a little lust.
That image I took with me on all my mundane adventures,
To the store, back on the floor, a new look at the same person, newly adored.

Featured Image -- 6040
Header photo courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/kylerhymeswithsmile/

3 thoughts on “Homage

  1. daodeqi, I have been reading this over and over since you posted it, it is beautiful. I envisioned a dance, fill with exuberance, joy and freedom. Being totally aware of who you are, embracing that being and beaming with self love. Beautiful!!!💐🌹❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I have been visualizing myself on the Oregon coast, listening to the waves and feeling the mist on my face, since I read your eclipse share… So thank you as well for the beautiful vision.. and the wonderful comments

      Liked by 1 person

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