New Purpose

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Famous last words, right.

Sure, my blog was going to include my story, but it was supposed to be in the past tense; those days long behind me. We all know what they say about plans.

Now there is no turning back, a new course with a new purpose. Those things that happened to me can no longer just be things that happened to me.

And that’s ok, because I know I have the fortitude to see this through; to make a difference. Or at least try.

For a while, Free The Truth will be focused on Phoenix Falling, an exposé on the perils of identity change.  There will still be humorous bits and random words that move me,  but a lot of heavy content is sure to follow.

I hope to still see you all as I dive into this difficult subject matter. Even more so, that you spread the word; so others experiencing these same struggles can have a place to turn.




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