“Hollywood is where all your dreams will come true. If you are going to be anybody in this business, you better be in LA….. You’ve got to start somewhere.” The voices in her head started out motivational but soon turned towards sarcasm and mimicry.

“Just a little fluff and stuff,” they told her. “Keep the actors happy and help prepare them for their scenes.”

She had worn her nice new outfit today because there was rumors that the big-wig producer was swinging in this afternoon. Now her hundred-dollar digs we’re swimming in talcum powder, vaseline, and various other substances that may have been swimming on her.

“John, your up!” A distant voice yelled in the background.

He swung around to the sound so quick, she didn’t have time to dodge out of the way. SMACK! Right in the face; her glasses flew to the floor, along with a bottle of lube.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, and came down to the floor to help her pick up the mess.

“How does he even walk with that thing?” She thought.

“I will probably have a giant phallic mark across my face for the rest of the day. Good thing this unpaid internship keeps me too busy to date.” Her face echoed the words of desperation floating in her head, as she mopped up the spilled gel with a slightly, used hand towel.

He was really nice though and gently helped her wipe the sticky residue off her glasses. Kind of funny and fitting, since she had been spending the day doing the same to his frame.

“John, you are needed on set.”

She could tell by the fancy shoes that the producer had made it in after all.

“And can I get another intern over here, preferably a less clumsy one?”

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