The Threshold

I missed my turn again this afternoon.  It must have been the third or fourth time since we moved.

Back and forth, the road weaves the forest and the lakes with glimmering strands of sun. I wonder if there was ever anything more beautiful; then I remember the way the moon dances across the sleeping, sister lakes.

Woah, corner! I need to focus, these curves mandate my full attention. “There’s deer in these here woods,” I laugh to myself. I had better watch my sense of humor as much as these roads, if I expect to make any new friends.

For a minute, the road veers away from the water’s edge and meanders through fields of wild flowers. Here is where I start to get lost. From prairie bells to pine needles, the woods grow thick and form an organic tunnel. 

I don’t know if I have ever seen so many different types of trees in such close proximity. The tree tops play stage to the sun, as the rays flicker and jump through a kaleidoscope of colors. 

Mesmerized, my heart fills as my eyes well up at the glorious sight. Confetti and glittering leaves fall on me, a reminder of all that I have won and the road to get here.

Bumpy gravel road, I did it again; the sound of the rocks under the truck signals I have driven a few hundred feet too far. The previous owners told us the forest lands stretch back through the mountains, stopping long after the border crossing. Tempting, but not today; I must turn around and tend to my boxes.

Six months of cardboard and tape, the stress seemingly unbearable to take. Yet here I am. Unfathomable, incomprehensible, how we got were we were. Maybe even more so, how we finally made it here.

That break I have been needing so bad, washed away with hot tub bubbles and a cool night’s breeze.  The circular skyline reminds me of my favorite hot springs, with the stars swimming in a pool directly overhead. Through the trees, the waves dance with the moon, as she elongates her reflection and stretches her reach.

Would I still be enjoying the night sky if we had any luck with an internet guy? Then the bigger question surfaces. How many of these trees will it take to make the internet and cell reception great? One or two, we might not notice; but surely the scales are tipping with every new wireless connection. 

Weekly writings just may have to do, because I’m unsure of the threshold for trees before we begin to sacrifice the view.


Photo by Mr. Mel, Life More Than Existence!, Writing

Life More Than Existence posts deep and profound insights, using only a few words.  A must add to your daily reading list!


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