The First and The Last

We had our first snow yesterday, somewhere around 10 inches. We built snow mermaids, raced down the hill in our sleds, and had a snowball fight for the ages.

Just down the road from our jubilee, a truck smashed into pieces against a tree. Another vehicle nearly missed the lake as their car slid dangerously close to the edge.

It’s not the worst blizzards that cause the most wrecks, but the first and the last. It takes some time to get used to winter road conditions. Yet, it is that same time that grows complacency and cockiness, creating reckless losses during the end of the season.

In all areas of life, it’s the first and the last that wreck the most havoc. Stay mindful til the end and be safe on all your endeavors. And don’t forget to stop and throw a few snowballs.

Please check out this chilling reblog video about the everyday perils of winter driving.

Winter Crash Footage



Header Photo by Elaine Kelly, author of Free The Truth

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