The King and I

I was searching for a little stress relief in a last minute cram session….

When what delicious bliss should bear presence upon my ravenous ears…..

Little Wing, ripping off the lengths of a Soul Blown Microphone…..

tickling and giggling those fret-filling fingers, all the way down to my toes.

(Oh, my soul for some blues!)

It’s not Stevie-Ray, B.B-Eric, or Jimi’s jowls I’m drooling over.

But a King,

No less, maybe more, than any from before and those that Followed after…….

(Not for sake of his royal namesake either)

If you thought there was only one named King, or the man who calls himself The King;

then you better push play my friends and prepare to Be!…..

Come Alive in a way, you never knew you were missing.

(Been a while for me)

So let’s get our tongues wet, with a little Two4 Tuesday, Texas demonstration.

(Which, coincidentally, is the number of hours I’ve been paying for a lifetime of procrastinating.)

*I am aware of the inappropriate hyphens; which are used for artistic value not disrespect. So please, no sweating in the comments. We’re keeping it cool in this joint.  Let’s sit back and roll our socks up, 70’s style.

Mr. Freddie King, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Top video care of MrKiEngir , with a post from mick7575 pushing up the floor.


Header Photo by Elaine Kelly



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