Pity Party

It’s been a real pity party at my house this week, I tell you what.

So much has happened in such a short time, it really weighs on a girl’s heart to think about it all. Except the thing is, it didn’t all happen at one time. In that moment of sadness, it’s easy to forget that life happens throughout the course of time and you don’t ever get hit with it all at once. It’s only in your head that all those memories are played back to back, like a non-stop horror show.

Don’t forget what is happening in this moment, right now. All the bad things happened yesterday, the week before, last month; they are not happening rightss now. Right now you are procrastinating on the internet when you should be doing something else. (By you, I really mean me)

It is silly to assign so much value and emotion to any given instance; over-analyzing the why and the why me. If you look at the same moment from another perspective, all the thoughts you have tied to that event seem completely irrelevant. That is because they are.

So how can you make it through the shit storm of self-pity you have let yourself get so caught up in? (Again, by you I really mean me) Don’t take yourself so seriously!

My love for some memes lately; I pull up memes of our president throwing a fit, some women with an endless waterfall of tears, the Brittany Spears fan that cried on YouTube.

It’s hard to feel bad for yourself when you imagine this is your reflection. It’s terrible of me, laughing at other people’s expense; but I am so thankful to each person behind the meme for helping me stay grounded and out of the bog of eternal despair.

Two rules I hold dear right now: #1 Don’t buy into all the B.S. #2 It’s all B.S. You can’t let yourself get caught up in it all; especially not your own. Life is too short to take yourself so seriously!

My theme song for today:

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