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Must Read! I never say that about my own work, so you should believe there is value to you as a blogger in here.

I am very thankful to have had the ability to use the WordPress app over the last year. But I will not miss it for one second, the moment I can discard it!

As a reader and a writer, I have found trying to navigate the app almost unbearable. As a result, both my reading and writing in the last year have dropped dramatically.

I’m not sharing this with you to complain; quite the opposite. I’m a problem solver. I figure if you know what your reader is experiencing, you might be able to make changes and increase traffic. Here are some of the more notable issues I have run across:

Read Full Post: WordPress has the option to post only a segment of your blog and then inputs a link if the reader wants to read more. Maybe this option provides the blogger a more streamlined view or increases website views by requiring the reader to click the link. I’m not exactly sure what the appeal is of this particular feature. But it is the worst addition with regards to the app.

When you click the link to read the full post, the app appears to switch to online viewing. Please forgive my technical lingo here. Unfortunately, when this happens, your user login information is no longer associated with the article you are reading. Now I can’t like or comment on the post. But more importantly, I can’t follow a new blogger.

When you go to click one of these options, the website will allow you to rekey your login information. However, it won’t keep it. I just put my password and username in over and over again; but never able to actually fufill the action that prompted the request in the first place.

I figured out that I can click to read more and then push the back button to like or comment on posts; this brings you back to viewing on the app itself. However, I have not been able to follow new bloggers. Blogs like The Militant Negro, Timeless Classics and Success Inspirers’ World are particularly effected by this, as they post a lot of links to other bloggers pages with the read more link. Any post with a large word count will be truncated with the read full post link as well.

Plus time is a factor. Every step the reader has to take to read your work diminishes the chances they will. Sometimes I don’t even bother reading these articles, because I know the frustration I will face when I like the post and want more.

Would they like to read more? Of course they would! Your a great blogger. Go ahead and just forget that option and post the whole segment. I don’t have a solution for the incredible blogs sharing out there, but hopefully WordPress will soon.

Access To Your Favorite Bloggers: The newspaper icon is such a wonderful feature on WordPress. It makes finding new stuff from all your favorites effortless. Except, the app must have some sort of algorithm for filtering through the sites you follow. And that algorithm has it all wrong!

I can never find any of my favorites (so if I haven’t visited or commented in a while, this is why). It’s hard to remember the names of all the websites when you have been spoiled for so long with a thumbnail picture.

Even if you do remember the site and go to the search screen, you quickly find out how many other blogs also use those same words. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to find my favorite blogs dedicated to the art of writing itself or blogs with words like ‘inspiration’ in them. The reason I can’t imagine is because I haven’t tried. Remember, the more steps the reader has to go through, the less likely they will complete the process.

This is not a judgment on readers, just a fact. Life happens, the phone rings, and each new click of the screen comes with it’s own uploading symbol and the time to get there.

I often go back to comments I have received from some of my favorites, just to access their newest blogs. But most of my favorites have never liked or commented on my pages. They have thousands of followers and have no idea who I even am.

Posting A Blog Post: Most people using the application are probably on some kind of handheld device. It goes without saying, that typing on a little touch screen keyboard is not the easiest. There is auto fill thinking its word choice is better than yours. Not to mention trying to scroll the tiny screen to look for typos, etc. But those are all well understood limitations to handheld devices.

On the app, you won’t have access to your media library. It is limited to the content of your device. You also can not see all of your blog posts.

Copying URLs can be an issue, denying the writer the ability to reference other bloggers.

Some of these factors may be related to my particular device. Apple and Android frequently have slightly different versions of an app. But you can bet if I am struggling to view your post, thousands of other readers are experiencing the same thing.

While I would like to go back and proof read this post, maybe add a nice picture or link, my fingers are tired of tapping on this bitty screen. Not to mention, my responsibilities elsewhere are calling. Cest la vie!

2 thoughts on “WordPress App Applications

  1. daodeqi you have post about issues the many bloggers have experienced and find frustrating. In doing so you have explained how these issue lead to this frustration. For me, all new post are done on the computer but all reading and comments are done on IPad. I have given up on the phone.👍👍😉


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