Tinsel Town

Like a semi truck, the pull of Santa’s sleigh created a large wind drift pulling behind him. In the wake of his departure, a large windstorm brewed, stirring up the ground below.  Kid’s plastic swimming pools, out of place in the frigid climate, frisbeed across the horizon. Garbage cans barreled through the streets, chasing each other like packs of dogs.

The timing of the storm happened so perfectly, that all the garbage cans were filled with wrapping paper, tinsel, ribbons, and bows. Until they were not and the sky was littered with shiny, glittering pieces of paper and plastic. A fresh blanket of snow served to contrast the rainbow of tinseled trash. Swirling tornados of confetti gust through the streets, growing larger by the household.

Children abandon their noisy toys and mini tv’s. They shaped snow sleds from vacuum cleaner boxes and raced towards finish lines of red ribbon. There were runway shows, wrapping paper ball fights, and hide and seek games; all fashioned from leftover Christmas coverings.

Like every year, but more so on this one, parents were reminded that they should forget buying presents and opt instead for boxes of paper and bows.

defocused image of illuminated christmas lights
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

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