Screams in the Day

Two birds are screaming in the sky.

Hawks or eagles, I can’t see why.

Unsettling, alarming, chills me to the bone,

Like the kettle whistling it’s screeching tone.

Then the owl hoots, the little bird twitters

Soft, soothing sounds to calm out my gitters.

I know everything will be all right,

I can see my surroundings in this light.

But those screams keep taunting my shivers

Remnants of a past, ruffling delicate feathers.

My logic tells me there is no reason to fear what I do,

Yet the eerie feeling remains, soaked in sweat now too.

Photo by Elaine Kelly, author of Free The Truth



8 thoughts on “Screams in the Day

  1. Clearly an unsettling moment. A metaphorical expression of a deep conflict tempered with comfort. Although the sweat from fear is exuding, the hope for a better life desired, should be illuminating. The struggle to resolve this conflict is not to fear the outcome, but to hope for the future!

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    1. Absolutely! It’s important to share real experiences, to comfort others going through the same thing. Butt there is always light to look forward to. Thank you for reading and sharing your insights!

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  2. Perhaps the unsettling feelings come from a frustration that here we are below, grounded, when what man/woman has wanted since the Beginning of Time, is to fly free like a bird.
    Being unencumbered, no strings attached, no wrestling with the weight of our world and having an opportunity to experience what it would be like to be non-human, without all our limitations would be exilerating.
    I wonder, if that were true perhaps these Beings are sounding their fears, their release of limitations as they soar above going out of sight.
    Rising up out of the ashes.
    If we could indeed experience this, just once, would we ever be the same?

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    1. wow! You said so much more than a few lines of my poem. You describe my soul here. It gives me hope to imagine I am not alone in my longings for limitlessness. So beautifully written Wildflower.

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